Diddy is almost in the clear from his assault on UCLA assistant coach, Sal Alosi. The district attorney for L.A. county declined to bring any felony charges against him, despite him initially being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and making terroristic threats.


We’ve learned the case will be referred to the L.A. City Attorney, which could file misdemeanor charges against the mogul.

The D.A. disposed of the case in a day, meaning it was a weak felony charge. Now the City Attorney must decide if it warrants prosecution for a lesser offense, most likely misdemeanor assault. The City Attorney could make a decision next week.

This really should have never been a felony case to begin with. The coaches at UCLA themselves didn’t want any charges pressed against Diddy. Campus police were the ones who made this story into the bigger deal it became.

If we are being real, this was a father standing up for his son against an overbearing coach and things got physical between two grown men. Especially when you hear reports that the coach has been harassing his son, Justin, for years. Now lucky for Diddy he didn’t connect when he allegedly threw the kettlebell, because that would have caused the type of damage that could have put him away for a while.

I am sure all parties involved at this point just want it to be over and it sounds like it almost is.