When Shaq is around you know you can expect to have a good time and laugh. But when Shaq is on a golf course, you still will laugh, but you need to prepare to get hurt as well.


Shaq jumped on the course first to prove he was better than Charles Barkley. When it came time to prove it however, he almost wound up falling on his ass when he tried to drive the ball.

After two swings and misses, he finally connected and because he is a massive guy, the ball traveled fast. Leave it to Shaq to finally hit the ball, but then injure a spectator in the crowd who came specifically to see him.

The NBA legend smashed a tee shot directly into the spectator, Mike Cunningham’s, shoulder at the 8th hole of the Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am in West Virginia

“Shaq rolled up in his golf cart and asked who he hit,” Cunningham tells us, “He walked up to me and asked to give me a hug.”

The fan says Shaq apologized several times … and the two hugged it out.

“He was totally cool.”

So, what does it feel like to be hit by a ball from a MASSIVE 7’1″, 330+ lb. person?

“It didn’t feel good.”