Chris Brown
Chris Brown seems to always have some drama of his own going on, but its great that he makes time to give back to the community. He spent his the beginning of his July 4th weekend volunteering in Las Vegas at a performing arts school.

If there’s one thing about Chris, its that he really loves the kids. If that isn’t clear through the way he embraced fatherhood, it is evident through his community outreach. He posted a video on Instagram of him volunteering at The West Las Vegas Cultural Arts Center, and the kids couldn’t have been happier to have him. Chris watched them perform their dance moves as well as shared a couple of his own. In the caption, Chris wrote ” Everyone comes to Vegas to party but how about helping the community.”

This is a side of Chris that doesn’t get highlighted as much as the drama and its good to see him playing his part in giving back to the community. Check out the videos below. He has definitely changed a couple of lives.

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