Venus and Serena are definitely no strangers when it comes to playing against each other. The two have been going at it ever since they stepped on the tennis court and over the years, their intensity has increased. Venus and Serena will have to face each other again at this year’s Wimbledon match.


In what is definitely familiar territory for these two legendary tennis stars, it should come as no surprise when the intensity is high as these two go head to head on Monday. Monday’s tennis match between the Williams sisters will be the first time since 2009 that the two have face each other at Wimbledon.

In more recent years, us viewers have been accustomed to watching these two play in doubles matches as opposed to facing each other in singles. Both Venus and Serena are five time Wimbledon Champions, so just imagine the intensity that the two will bring to the match. The fight for the 6th Wimbledon title will surely not disappoint.

Currently, it is no secret that Venus is the superior player but we cannot sleep on Venus either. They have both been here before and I’m sure they are completely understanding of what the other will bring to the court. Though Serena has recently won her 20th Grand Slam, the two faced each other last summer and Venus won.

Every time the Williams sisters face each other, it is nothing short of dope. Either way, someone will be making history as a 6 time Wimbledon Champion and I can’t wait to watch the match go down!

Source: USA Today