This match between the two sisters was going to be bitter sweet regardless of who the winner was. Going into the match, it was obvious that it would be very intense and it definitely lived up to those expectations.


Venus and Serena are no strangers when it comes to playing against each other. As recently as last summer, the two found themselves dueling again and in that match, Venus came out victorious. But today, this match was probably more important for Serena’s legacy as she tries to take home another Grand Slam title–which would be her 21st–and by defeating her sister, she moves on the next round.

It was definitely unfortunate that the two had to face off so early at Wimbledon because watching them play in the final would have been pretty dope. Despite Venus’s loss to her sister, she put up a very good game. She ultimately fell to Serena though, 6-4 and 6-3. Venus is currently ranked at number 16 in the world while Serena is number 1. I guess the loss was not too surprising considering those stats.

Venus And Serena At Wimbledon…

Venus has not won at Wimbledon since 2008; however, that can be accredited to the fact that she was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome–an autoimmune disease–and couple injuries as well. It is likely that we can see the two face off again at some point during their season; but, if not, I’m sure we will be able to watch them dominate in doubles matches for some time to come.

Source: BBC