What happens when you’re a Chris Brown fan?

Hot 97’s Nessa spoke on her boy Chris Brown lovin’ the “hoes,” and while he’s admitted to having plenty of experience in the hoe department, he’s moved on. This comment led to a fan pointing out the experience, and then getting major ignorance thrown her way.

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JaaiR (JR)
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“He so thru with hoes cause he knocked the wrong one up (3 baby daddies), and they connected for life,” Instagram user @aintnoluvx commented under Nessa’s statements.

Feeling some type of way about an experience of her own, the ‘Gram user recalled wanting her dead father’s hat signed by Chris, but it didn’t happen that way. Accusingly, Chris’ stylist took the fan’s hat and never returned it, which upset the fan.

“He still got house cleaning to do,” clearly talking about the hoes he should get rid of. “He can start with accountability for the way him and his team refused to resolve my issue,” she writes. “It cost $0.00 to be a decent person, priceless. Humility. Character. And above all, integrity. ALL APOLOGIES ARE WELCOMED,” she adds.

While she clearly was looking for an apology, Chris decided to go in on the hat; her dead daddy’s hat.

“You obviously need some help boo. I don’t have your dad’s bum ass hat, nor does my team,” Chris responded. “Move on and take yo stalking ass to church. Nobody cares my nigga.”

Damn shame, some assholes were just born ignorant.

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