Parents disgusted with Rihanna’s new video for the hit single “B.B.H.M.M”. Living up to her Bad Gal nickname again our island rebel blows us away with a very disturbing video plot. Using terms such as “Extreme violence” , there is a line of parents who are questioning whether or not their teenage girls should be watching videos like this. I’ll let you be the judge of it.

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Although Rihanna is of age and she has a predominantly mature fan base, but how about the underage girls who obsess over Ri Ri. The graphic video shows plots of murder and bloody disturbing scenes. Kidnapping and murder is the theme behind B.B.H.M.M video leaving parents disgusted. Sara Vine was a particular parent who spoke up and admitted the first thought that came into her mind, was to call the police.

Whoa! Call the police? I haven’t witnessed parents this disgusted since they were blaming Eminem for every wild teenager years ago. Kidnapping a wife for ransom and murdering her might be a good reason why it has left parents disgusted. “This video contains, in no particular order, extreme violence, torture, drug-taking , guns, negative racial stereotyping (towards both black and white), sexual exploitation and murder.” , were words from Sara Vine. I personally think that is all just part of the Bad Gal’s image and lets not forget an album or so ago when her cover was too explicit. She frankly doesn’t give a damn but should be mindful there are small little ladies looking up to her.

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