IFWT_Jameis Draya Orlando

Orlando Scandrick called off his engagement and broke up with Draya for what looks like no apparent reason other than he had a change of heart.  Unfortunately when you have an unclear story, the rumor mill will try to fill in the blanks themselves…

According to Terez Owens, he received this tip in his inbox:

We’re being told Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick broke up with Draya because he found something he wasn’t supposed to see. Scandrick allegedly broke into Draya’s cell phone, and found a picture of Jameis Winston, and his dick. That’s right, a dick pic allegedly belonging to NFL #1 draft pick Jameis Winston.

Draya and Jameis Winston were seen leaving the same club a while back but Draya made it VERY clear that she had no interest and no ties to the rookie quarterback.  This sounds like someone making something up just because the two were spotted in the same place.  I’d take TO’s source with a grain of salt.

Tons of rumors about these two are going to continue floating around until people get tired of them and move on to someone else.  Just like the rumor that she bought her own engagement ring was proven to be false.


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