It’s unclear exactly how many baby mothers Dwight Howard has but it’s rumored that he has ten children with eight different women.  The latest is gospel singer Christine Vest.   Christine and Dwight have a two year old son named Trey and some time in the last year, she and Dwight broke things off. Now Christine has taken to social media to voice her displeasure with Dwight’s parenting.

In the Instagram post  Christine writes:

“#fedup this amazes me Who does this?! I could never leave my child with someone and not even speak to them by video/phone or visits (minus one bday video-per MY request-and 3 hours in the same room “together” for his party)…and for 5+ months? When I reach out I get ignored…when I send fathers day gift and text I get ignored…why? Trey hasn’t done anything to you and even if he did, you should never ignore your own child if you love them. Last I checked…you cheated (again)..I caught u…u went silent….k so u don’t want ME? …that’s fine…but what about ur kid? I’m all about Trey having both parents regardless of circumstances and I thought you did too…so where are you?…*silence*… No one is THAT busy”

That’s not the only time Christine has put Dwight on blast, though. Just three weeks ago she posted a message about absent fathers, including the one in her own childhood.

“So many little things I learned about dads in other peoples families that i’de love to teach Trey, but don’t even know where to begin, don’t remember half the things I learned because at the times I didn’t realize it would be important to learn what a dads role is in a child’s life, and don’t have an an example from my own childhood at all …”

Sorry to say this but if a man has numerous kids with numerous different women and has documented issues with them, I’m not sure why she thought it would be different with her.

As always I wish everyone the best and hope they’re able to work it all out.

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