Things are getting nasty and messy as you might expect after a called off engagement. Both Orlando Scandrick and Draya seem to be all over the place emotionally the past couple days and there will likely be more to come.


Draya posted a picture talking about change and Orlando clearly felt some of it was about him so he replied to the comment with a nice big, “f*ck you” before deleting it.

The drama has been back and forth with these two all week between the called off engagement, Orlando taking the ring back, rumors flying about the engagement being fake in the first place and Draya being crazy enough to buy a ring herself and force her publicist to make the story look real.

Orlando shot all that nonsense down, letting it be known Draya was not crazy and didn’t buy herself a ring, he bought it and really proposed but things just didn’t work out. At first it appeared the former couple could be cordial in moving forward but it’s starting to look like the opposite.

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