After watching Serena’s championship match, I know she has to be relieved that it is now done! Serena defeated opponent Garbine Muguzura in a championship fight to win her 6th overall Wimbledon Championship.


This match was no easy feat for Serena in the least bit. From the opening game in the first set, Serena struggled to get finesse the strongest point in her game and that is her serve. Serena continued to struggle throughout the match as her opponent continued to strengthen her serve.

The Serena Slam is now complete as she has won 4 major titles and her 21st overall championship. Today marks Serena’s 6th championship at Wimbledon, in which she and Venus were tied at 5 a piece. Greatness for sure, she now levels up her sister in another category.

Next up, she will head to New York to compete in the U.S. Open and go for her 22nd Grand Slam in Queens. The U.S. Open will go down at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY starting August 31st.