Serena Williams

This year’s Wimbledon Championships have definitely been a test for Serena. Going into the final match today, Serena has played three former number Tennis players but she has dominated them all and today, she will go for her 6th Wimbledon title.


On ESPN, Serena is facing Wimbledon newbie Garbine Muguruza. The two players have already met at a major tennis match this year and Muguruza actually gave her trouble; however, we know how that match played out. Muguzura has beaten Serena in her career one time but with the stakes on the line, I see Serena putting everything into this match.

Serena is going for her 21st Grand Slam championship in her career but this match against Muguzruza will definitely be a test. Perhaps the most dramatic win for Serena in these championship games, was when she played her sister, Venus.

Venus and Serena have dueled each other over the years, however, as of recent, Serena has been the dominate force between them. So far, in her match against Muguruza, Serena has struggled on the signature point of her game–the serve. She is currently down in game one of the first set, 1-2.

If Serena happens to win this match, she will have a chance to go for her 22nd grand slam title at the U.S. Open in Queens, NY next month.