Carmen Bryan x Nas x Destiny Jones

Nas and his first baby mama Carmen Bryan have been feuding publicly for years, ever since she was caught creepin’ with Jay Z which ignited the infamous Ether vs. Takeover beef. Nas and Carmen have a beautiful daughter together named Destiny, which means she should be receiving compensation and child support for their child. However, word on the streets is that Carmen is homeless and has been couch surfing all over NYC for the past YEAR.

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She was receiving money from Nas even after Destiny’s 18th birthday, but he has now decided that the ride is over and it ain’t nothing to cut that baby mama off. The legendary Queens rapper stopped giving Carmen her monthly check for their daughter after she began spreading lies about him via social media and now Carmen is apparently all messed up in the game.

If you remember back in 2007, she wrote a tell-all book entitled It’s No Secret: From Nas to Jay-z, from Seduction to Scandal, A Hip-hop Helen of Troy Tells All which spills the beans about her steamy affair with Jay Z and detailed her relationship with Nas. Either her earnings from the book were used up already or she just didn’t make a lot off of it. Sources also revealed that Carmen has not had a real job since she gave birth! She was completely dependent off Nas and never thought the checks would stop coming in.

Luckily for Destiny, she takes after her father and has inherited the hustler spirit. She launched her already-successful Lipmatic lip gloss line and is making some serious guap from her new cosmetic endeavor. Looks like Carmen is going to have to hit up Destiny for some $$.