IFWT_dez bryant

The saga continues between Dez Bryant and the Cowboys’ front office. Today, Dez took to Twitter to announce that as much as he loves football, he will not play unless an agreement is made!


With under two days left before the NFL’s official deadline comes, it looks like both sides are still holding out on making a deal. One of the league’s best wide receivers in Dez Bryant has repeatedly expressed that he feels that the $13 million that is currently being offered is just not enough for him.

In retrospect, looking at deals that were made this summer and even prior to, Dez does make a valid point that for one of the most successful players in his position, he should be making more money. I guess if you have values and expectations for yourself, you have to stand by them–no matter what.

Surprisingly, the Cowboys responded to Dez’s tweet today and they are saying that he never gave them an ultimatum in regards to a new contract. According to reports, the Cowboys are saying that Dez never told them he would not play in games or attend camp. HA! To me, this sounds like they are folding!

By Dez holding out, it looks like he will get what he wants. Do the Cowboys truly want to risk him standing by his word and not playing? I feel that right as the deadline approaches, the Cowboys will undeniably give Dez exactly what he wants!

You have to take his threats seriously, I mean he put his words on his kids and that is just something that a man would not go back on. We’re talking about character respectability that his kids could come back one day and ask him about.