This morning Chris Brown’s new home was broken into and his aunt who was home alone was held at gun by three masked men. The men proceeded to lock his aunt in a closet, then destroy the home taking anything they pleased. Police were called to scene but so far no word on who could have broken in.

However according to Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins, her son knows exactly who robbed his home. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

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It’s no secret that Chris Brown and his mother do not see eye to eye. For years Joyce Hawkins has made it clear that she is not a fan of the people her son associates himself with, this being a major factor in their strained relationship. According to close sources Hawkins feels that Chris’ ‘homies’ are the ones who continue to put him in bad situations. (Now, I do not agree but maybe just for this instance that could be the case.)

Today after news broke of her son’s new home being invaded by armed men, she sent out a tweet implying that it may have been one of his friends that pulled the stunt. She tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.”

What do you think…Did someone in Chris Brown’s circle set up the invasion? Sound off in the comments.

Source TMZ