In New Jersey alone over 34 commercial Fligts reported strange Lasers in the sky. Over half of the reports were around Newark airport. Why on earth would someone flash hand held lasers toward planes? Could it be a terror attack in hopes to blind the pilot ? Although no one was injured in the air or on the ground this causes quite a pandemonium. Three American Airline planes , along with two Jet Blue planes , United , Delta and Republic all reported Laser beamed at their planes. Check the Video and the Gallery to see exactly how the view from the cockpit is during this laser attack.

Between 10-11 pm Wednesday night 5 planes alone from Newark Liberty Tower informed traffic controllers “that lasers were being pointed at them”. Back in 2005 the number of laser sightings reported were at about 283. 3,894 laser reports were called in, in 2014 alone. Obviously proving it is way more common , and it really should not be . The government has been trying to stop the attacks and find out exactly where it is coming from .

Obama actually signed a law back in 2012, making it a federal crime to aim a laser at the aircraft. “When aimed at an aircraft from the ground, the powerful beam of light from a handheld laser can travel more than a mile and illuminate a cockpit disorienting and temporarily blinding pilots.

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