The remaining project still associated with Bill Cosby has finally given up on the actor. In recent news a 2005 deposition from a Philadelphia court cause was released revealing that Cosby did in fact drug women and then have sexual relations with them. After the documents came out the documentary Painted Down that explores black stuntmen in Hollywood and features Cosby has cut him from the production.

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The historical documentary explores and highlights the one time normal practice of white stuntmen being painted in black makeup to be the body double for black actors. According to the films director Nonie L. Robinson, Cosby was a key player in the elimination of this practice. She said, “He was one of the first to really open the door for African-American stunt performers that is a fact.”

However in light of recent events and details coming out about Bill Cosby being involved in drugging women in order to have sex with them, the producer has decided to remove him from the film and also withdraw their support. Robinson said,

“We have supported Mr. Cosby and stood by him, but after all the insurmountable evidence along with the deposition, we felt it was the best thing to do. We do not support abuse in any way.”

Cosby first witnessed the ‘paint down’ on the set of the 1960s show iSpy. The featured a 10-minute clip of Cosby, talking about the show and his thoughts on the practice. The film director has opted to remove this portion from the final piece. He said, “Even though it is a part of history and there isn’t anything we can do to take away what he did for stunt performers, at the same time we can no longer glorify it in light of these allegations.”

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Source EW