Hov X Fresh Prince. Those two names alone definitely means the bar will be raised high for their new venture. Jay and Will have worked together recently on remaking the classic movie, Annie, and they are collaborating again to create a mini-series on Emmett Till.


The story of Emett Till is probably more relevant today than it has ever been in recent years. With the race battles that continue to take over the United States, it is only right that this story be told again to put certain things in perspective as far as progress in race relations [not much] goes.

Growing up learning about the tragic story of Emmett Till, I am definitely excited to see how this will play out on a network like HBO. You really can’t ask for two better minds to collab on a project that has so much meaning for the civil rights era of the United States.

For those that are not familiar with Till’s story, the 14 year old Chicago native was brutally tortured and murdered by a group of white men–who were acquitted of charges–after he supposedly whistled at a white woman in a convenience story while visiting family in Mississippi.

Source: MSNBC