Oh man. You can’t even get love in your own city, but then again, when violence is the problem and that’s all you’re promoting … well … Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has banned Chief Keef and his hologram from performing in the crime-driven city.

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Earlier this month, Glo Gang rapper Capo, real name, Marvin Carr was shot and killed. As the car that the bullets were flying from drove off, one-year-old Dillan Harris was caught in the middle of the cross-fire. With non-violence on the mind, Chief Keef had decided to throw a benefit concert – in the name of non-vilence – in order to raise funds for the families of both Carr and Harris. The thing is, Keef’s plan was to have his hologram perform at the concert because he’s unable to leave Los Angeles due to child support warrants. Mayor Emanuel has now banned the concert calling Keef’s music “a significant public safety risk.”

Despite his banishment, Keef still plans to go on with the show; at a secret location. It’s not that secretive since Sosa posted a teaser to his Instagram page letting fans know, “Oh yeah it’s hannenin’.”

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