Chief Keef Hologram Concert Gets Shut Down By Cops And He Wasn’t Even Actually There. hop into the post for all the details #IFWT!

Thousands of Fans were ordered out of an Indiana venue Saturday by cops, one song into a Chief Keef Performance, and he wasn’t even really there. Chief Keef was at the concert via hologram, because he felt he was going to get arrested if he showed up anywhere Midwest, because of a whole bunch of warrants.

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Chief Keef was supposed to perform in Chicago, but changed his plans after City officials made it clear he was asking for trouble if he performed. Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked the Chicago venue to pull the plug because Chief Keef was a bad role model, The Indiana venue took the mayors words and sgot the police to shut the whole concert down.

Chief Keef then decided to make a fake appearance at Craze Fest in Hammon, Indiana, but he was actually in Beverly Hills and his performance was beamed in the form of a Hologram.

One song into the set and the police shut it down. Want to see it for yourself? Check out the video below! #IFWT!

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