Seth Curry has recently been picked up by the Sacramento Kings after balling out in the summer league. Like his brother, Chef Curry, Seth will sport the number 30 on his jersey!


Maybe it is some type of family tradition to wear the number 30 because both Seth and Steph are going to be wearing it. The brothers have even worn the number during their respective college careers at Duke (Seth) and at Davidson (Steph).

However, the history behind the number 30 goes back beyond Steph and Seth as their father Dell, the OG of the family, wore the number 30 while he was in the league. Ironically, Dell also wore the number during his college years at Virginia Tech.

Many may not know that this isn’t Seth’s first time hooping in the national league as he has previously played with Memphis, Phoenix, and Cleveland before being sent to the D-League. He has definitely been a force in the D-league and it is great to see him have the opportunity to play at the top level again.

Seth Curry will most likely run the point guard position, although he can play at the two position as well, and will come off the bench behind Rajon Rondo. Surprisingly, the Kings have made some good off season moves–despite the rift between their star player Boogie Cousins and coach George Carl–so it will be interesting to see exactly how successful they are in this upcoming season.