It looks like we have another twist in the Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele love saga.  The judge has tossed out the restraining order Scandrick filed against her after the Cowboys cornerback failed to show up to today’s court hearing.

It’s a big deal considering Scandrick claimed his ex-fiancee physically abused him on several occasions, blasting him with pepper spray and even threatening to pour bleach in his eyes.

Scandrick was scheduled to appear in court today to extend the order against her but Scandrick no-showed so the judge decided to drop the protective order altogether.

So, why would Scandrick let this happen if he really felt in danger? Sources close to Draya tell TMZ Sports the two have reconciled AGAIN and are back on though people in Scandrick’s camp have refused to confirm.

But the fact of the matter is this with Orlando failing to show up, it certainly appears a truce has been called at least for now.

There were also reports that he only filed the order to get Draya out of his house so maybe that was taken care of and he no longer needs the order.

A reconciliation however isn’t farfetched with these two, lord knows they’ve gone through quite a few already.

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