Seahawks fans can officially stop worrying if they will have their young quarterback of the future for years to come. Russell Wilson just agreed this morning to a 4 year extension with the Seahawks, worth about $87 million. The big part of the deal is the $60 million in guaranteed money!


All this is great news for the team and fans as there will be no added stress of contract talks hanging over their heads during the season as Wilson would have become a free agent. The deal got done at the last second as the Hawks start camp today and both sides made it clear there would be no talks during the season.

The question still remains however, did the Seahawks just make a huge mistake in giving Wilson this much money? Yes he had helped guide the team to two straight Super Bowls, but we all know his skill set was not the leading factor in the teams success recently. It has been the defense and Beast Mode. I know Russell hasn’t done anything to ruin games for the team but what will happen when he needs to handle a bigger work load if their defense or run game isn’t as good at some point?

Wilson will have a lot to prove but with the type of man he is I am sure he wouldn’t want it any other way. Safe to say 2015 has been good to him despite losing the Super Bowl. Getting Ciara and $60 million is a better consolation prize.