Azealia Banks comes for Nicki Minaj saying that she stole her ideas, then speaks out on the Meek Mill vs Drake drama.

Azealia Banks has always been known to stir up some controversy. She has now spoken out on Twitter, claiming that every conversation about “cultural appropriation and fairness” in the music industry began at her fingertips. Banks went on to say she was the only one brave enough speak up. A fan replied to her comments saying that it was a good thing that Nicki Minaj (in reference to her VMA rant) and others artist have now chosen to speak up. Azealia responded by saying that Nicki only speaks up when it effects her and then backs out trying to save face when her white audience catches her.

Azealia may not be feeling Nicki but she spoke out on Meek Mill’s diss record saying the track had “a nice little bounce and edge to it”. Although a lot of people may disagree, she mad a joke of the situation saying that she just wants Drake and Meek’s nudes to see who really winning in the “beef” department.

If this was any other artist this may come as a surprise but Azealia Banks is known to throw things out there. Do yall agree with her?

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