Pro Surfer Peter Drouyn was one of the most famous pro surfers in the world. It was found out recently that when the surfer went missing after the 60’s and 70’s , he actually moved and became a transgender. When Caitlyn Jenner came out to the world as a woman it was a big shock considering what an all around pro athlete Bruce Jenner once was. Come to find out this is not the first case in history where an athlete has become a transgender. Check the gallery to see the pictures.

In the case of Peter Drouyn now known as Westerly Windina for the last 10 years. A Surf journalist who was actually well aware of the transformation , traveled to get the story on the now Westerly Windina. In 2009 he started to write the profile and by 2012 was engulfed in such a huge story. Jaime says he documented and learned a lot about windina “from a teenage hopeful in Queensland to a surfing champion to a glamorous, complex woman in her mid-sixties, and throughout learns lessons about life, love and friendship that we can all understand — regardless of our gender”

Jaime admits that when he sat down to question the former surfer, it was almost as if she was talking in third person about her former self Peter Drouyn. In the mid 80’s Drouyn was still competing but was full on flamboyant and theatrical. Eager to find out if the story was true or not, because the friends of Peter Drouyn admitted he was quite the comedian and could just be taking him for a ride. Still in the midst of finishing the biography we will have to wait and find out this compelling story.

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