This country has gone through so much in the past year. Police brutality and murder is at the top of the list. K Camp speaks on police brutality and the confederate flag in a interview with Hiphopwired!

K Camp talked interviewed with Streets Is Talkin to discuss the recent activities in societies. K Camp says the resolution to problems in society should of been done. Right now, we are way past due for a reformation. Sadly, its like we are back at the Jim Crow Era. Also, K Camp talked about haters in the industry. After Camp made his XXL Freshman premiere, many people had a lot to say about K Camp.Most of the things people said were basically negative.

K Camp says that basically lots of the things in the industry is messed up. Lots of things are fake and people pay more attention to social media than real life. K Camp recently visited the Dominican Republic and shot a fire video with the Queen of the country. Go on his you tube and check it out. What do you guys think about the recent incidents in society? Do you think that we are way past due for a revolution?

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SOURCE: Hiphopwired