The legend D.Dre has another big surprise for you besides “Straight Out Of Compton” hitting the big screen’s next week! Dr.Dre is releasing the “Compton” soundtrack next week as well!

Dr.Dre is a legend in Hip Hop and really paved the way for many artist. The artist legendary work is the main influence of many west coast and east coast MC’s. Dre having a soundtrack released next week is extreme. This is Dre’s third project since “The Chronic 2001” project released in 1999. So this is a big deal, Dre will being making his way back in the industry next week! Are ya’ll excited?

Fans have been complaining for years because Dr.Dre didn’t release his album, “Detox”. He also finally explained why the project was not put on shelves.”Detox” was not good enough. Since the legend is so talented he didn’t want to disappoint the fans. Don’t you think that’s fair. Dr.Dre wanted the best for people who love and support him.

The “Compton” soundtrack is going to be a real masterpiece. Some of the featured artist are King Mez. Eminem, Kendrick, Snoop Dogg and BJ The Chicago Kid. Get prepared!This move is going to be legendary so stay tuned!

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