The internet has spoken very loudly and they have anointed Drake as the hands down winner over Meek Mill after Meek pretty much started everything. I am personally not much of Drake fan but if you’re going to come at someone who is on top, then you have to bring it harder than he did. Drake is now sporting a huge new “championship” ring and twitter went off, believing it was because he crushed Meek. The likely truth however is that this ring has been in the works for a while, but the timing couldn’t be better.


The final night of OVO Fest is tonight and Drizzy will be sporting the new hardware on his finger. The ring seriously does resemble a championship ring a player would get for winning a Super Bowl or NBA title.

It was custom made by Dave Bling and the “Bling” in this case is with the pun intended. Some twitter users went off, with some being serious and some just being funny about the ring signifying Drake’s landslide win.

Check the gallery for the ring and some of the responses. Like I keep saying however, All these jokes about Meek being dead and finished won’t be so funny if he strikes back with something vicious soon. Only time will tell.