Early this morning when Jae Crowder woke up, he had his own Instagram account. After some strange activity the account is now totally deleted and it appears his wife is the reason why. She either hacked into his Instagram or already knew the password and decided to air out his apparent sidechick.


A picture was posted on Crowder’s account this morning of a very attractive woman. Soon as you read the caption though you knew something was up and it had to come from another woman.

“This is a home wrecking hoe! She’s a former drug dealer and she has abandoned her child trying to come up off athletes. Her 7 year old child is currently in New York City with her ex who pretends to be his father, who is also a drug dealer. She is desperate and lost! (Erica Phillips is a major hoe)”

A lot of snitching going on in that caption but when a woman is scorned there is no telling what she will do or say.

Now in fairness to Crowder this doesn’t necessarily mean he was creeping with the chick. Maybe his wife caught wind of her trying to move in her territory.

The fact Crowder’s entire account was deleted likely means he has some explaining to do at home and doesn’t want any social media nonsense involved.

If Crowder was in fact caught out there he might wanna pay more attention to his own wife because she is pretty hot.

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