King Los has been getting a lot of buzz lately! His free styling ability and flow is on another level that is getting him recognized all over the world. Just this past weekend King Los made it to an out of town Battle Rap event put together by URLTV. King Los not only came to show love to the Battle Rap culture at “Traffic”, which was The first URL Main stage event for the West Coast, but he dropped a few bars as well.

A lot of Rappers are well aware that making a song is not the same as a Rap Battle. There are many different mechanics when it comes to battle rapping. Although not all can freestyle it is a necessity and King Los proved that he was comfortable. The War Report team (Battle Rap’s Media Arm) captured King Los in a full on freestyle battle against battle rapper Danny Myers. The on the spot freestyle stopped a bunch of fans and by standers by surprise. Usually artist are too hollywood to join in on the fun or worry they don’t have what it takes, but not King Los.

At an event not too long ago Rapper Murda Mook called out Drake to Battle him, but Drake has yet to confimed if he can get in the Battle Rap Ring. King Los was also excited to announce his involvement in Madden 16 sound track. It’s easy to say he is a well rounded artist and does not need a team to move his way up the ladder. Dipping his toes into every inch of the hip hop and music culture.

The War Report
The Dutchess