IFWT_Funk bday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BOSSMAN FUNK FLEX!!!  We hope you have another amazing year of success, health & happiness.  May all your wishes come true (Eat lots of cake today — 40 day reset can restart tomorrow)!!!

Members from Team #IFWT have a special message for you after the jump…

Happy Birthday Flex!!!  I’m beyond grateful for having a boss like you.  Being your assistant has taught me things that 100 years of schooling could have NEVER taught me.  I feel blessed to witness first hand some of the DOPE things you’ve accomplished — and the MANY more to come.  If people only knew the real you — they would realize how amazing of a person you really are.
You truly are a business, mannnn!!  (had to throw a Hov reference in there – lol)
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Enjoy your day!!!
– Sabrina B. aka GameTimeGirl
ps. Brooklyn says happy birthday too!


Sorry to cut in line, IFWT editor in chief here coming through, FAM!!! It’s 2015 and we are out here on top of this Digital, you’re the King of Hip Hop radio, and the team is flourishing, and yet, we are continually planning bigger and better things, just a testate to how hard you work, how intelligent you are, and the proof that life is what you make it!!!! I started out on the street team way back when, moved up to running boards, and when I became the assistant Producer for your show I was still confused on what I was doing with myself, but you(and Dennis) showed me so much on how to get ahead, but when we started this site, you gave me purpose in life! You helped me uncover my hidden talent, that day we sat down for lunch at a digital conference, you looked at me and said “you were meant to do this”, I took that to heart and I can’t Thank You enough!!!!! My nigga, I’m with you til the wheels fall off…and even when they fall off, we’ll get replacements and keep going!!!! Tat Wza


YOooOOOo!! (BX Street Ni**a Voice) Happy Birthday my guy!! (No Generic… C’mon Seriously LOL). You already know I appreciate all that you do for me. Words never could explain that.. Ever.. As a token of my gratitude, Let me know when your taking a cheat day from the 40 Day Reset. CHOWS ON ME BRUH!! Have a good one.. Enjoy!
DJ Triple Threat #LitDigitalDJ’s : Twitter | Instagram


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS MAN!!!! I can never put into words how much I appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to be great and to help open all of these doors for me! I’m sending you a cake (when you take a break from the 40 day reset) and 10 bottles of Ciroc for Maria & me (but not when I have to work early the next day – I promise.. LOL!!!!!) You are one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met and It’s truly an honor to be able to call you my boss! Have the most AMAZINGGGGGG birthday in the world. YEAAAAAAAA FLEX!
– Jazlana aka @LaBellaJew


Happy Birthday big bro, cheers to all the blessings and to life! God bless bless you bro! Enjoy your Bday month!


Happy Birthday Flex! As always I appreciate you giving me the chance to do what I do and to be part of the team. Seems like as the years go by, the stronger your presence becomes and that’s a testament to your hard work & dedication. I want to wish you another year of health, success and crushing whoever gets in your way. #IFWT
– Joe aka @IamJoeSports


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLEX!!! I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I love. I remember being a little kid listening to you drop bombs on what years later became the be biggest staples in the history of a culture I live my life by. Your a Legend in these streets, the brand is only getting bigger and stronger and I’m honored that you gave us all a chance to be apart of it. Wishing you even more success, many more years of health and the best birthday ever! #IFWT!
– Eric aka EPIK_4Prez


Happy Birthday Flex!!! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your team.This was a dream I never thought could come true. It’s amazing to be able to do what I love and I have you to thank for it.  Have the best day!
-ARiiE:Twitter | Instagram


Happy birthday Funk!! LEOS!!! Every day I’m grateful for what you’ve done for me, the relationship that we have, the advice you’ve given me and everything you’ve taught me. My wildest dreams have come true and continue to, all because you gave me a shot. Forever indebted. Hope your birthday is amazing!


Happy Born Day Flex!!! As always, supremely grateful for you helping to give me such a major opportunity and allowing me to work with you. Your accomplishments and longevity set the standard for people such as myself who strive for greatness. All in all, I am very thankful your guidance and example. Wishing you much blessings on this and the future!

Rocko Rathon


Happy Birthday Flex!!!! Just wanted to say thank you again for all that you’ve done for me; giving me this opportunity and a platform to showcase my writing and for appreciating my work and checking in to make sure I’m okay.  Four years in and many more to go. Your hard work and dedication remains an inspiration and I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

Shay @Shay_Marie

Hey! Happy Born Day! My aunt was a LEO. I know where the growling comes from – LOL! It’s been a cool [almost] three years since the Flex & Janeen journey began. I’m still here. I appreciate your strong will and courage to bypass all of the naysayers; coming stronger than ever. Characteristics of a Lion.

Thanks for all of the opportunity with the writing, and more. Celebrate as if it was your last.

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