Shania Foster and her twin sister Shalaine have both been charged in the robbery of an 85-year old man. Shaina, the “bad-twin” pleaded guilty and admitted she was the one behind the plan to tie up Paul Aronson in his Murray Hill home. Aronson, met the twins on a dating website, seekingarrangement.com, which sets up older men, with their “sugar babies.” Shania will serve five years in prison.

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Shaina told police she brought her sister along with her to meet with Aronson. She said when they arrived, the “ugly, old and disgusting” man asked her to do something that made her feel uncomfortable. She said, “He was starting to creep me out, I tied him up. I took his money and I left.” Foster ssaid she brought zip ties along with her “in case of a situation where I needed them.”

Shania and her sister left the brownstone with $420 in cash and his credit cards, and went shopping for makeup afterward, leaving Aronson tied up for 20 hours.

Shania took most of the heat for the robbery saying the scam was her idea. She was tried and sentenced as an adult although she was only 17 year-old at the time of the robbery. Her sister, pleaded out and got a sentence of up to four years in prison. She was ruled, a “youthful offender” so her record would be sealed.

Source NYDailyNews