The Seattle Seahawks should’ve run the ball. By now, we all know this. Just in case anyone forgot, Marshawn Lynch provided a reminder during his appearance on FXX’s The League. The clip above, which will air September 9, features the running back hanging out on the beach as a business member of “Taco Corp.” along with a character named Taco MacArthur.


Another dude, who’s Taco’s brother on the show, asks for a beer, and Lynch’s fellow bigwig insists on throwing it.

“Just hand it to me,” Beast Mode begs. “No need to throw it, man. C’mon. … I could sleepwalk that thing to him, boy.”

“I think I’m going to throw it,” Taco responds. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

And with that, a beer is tossed, and a man is set on fire.

“That’s why you run it,” Lynch says, in what was probably an exact quote of what he mumbled following Russell Wilson’s championship-losing interception back in February.