Cities like Baltimore and Ferguson received a lot of backlash from right wing news stations and middle America after the tragedies that occurred in those places and the aftermath that followed. For years, it is not a secret that many of those people often tell African Americans that we too often cause our own demise at the hands of the police; however, a new video has surfaced that is definitely countering that argument.


In Rohnert Park, California–suburban California of all places–a man recorded a run in with the police that may ring familiar for many black Americans. I can’t say that this guy was scared that he might actually die, but I do know that if this same scenario would have gone down with a different race, then the outcome might not be the same.

In the video, you can see the man record the police officer circling his neighborhood and then at one point, the officer pulls out his phone to record or take pictures of the man. Why was he menacing this guy? Definitely weird but the video gets even worse than that.

Man X Police…

It is crazy to think that this man was in front of his own house and the police came and pulled a gun on him for no reason. Literally no explanation at all and on top of that, the police somewhat plays with the man saying, “you take a picture of me and i’ll take a picture of you.” Now that police force seems to be crossing over into white America–at least on a mainstream level now–maybe African Americans can get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to middle America and right wing news outlets. It is probably not likely, but if it is happening to them now, I feel like the would be more inclined to understand our plight and perhaps be more vocal about changing things in this country.

The proof is definitely in the pudding now, if not more than ever, for those groups that have often called out African Americans for our own faults in dying or suffering brutality at the hands of police.