Sean Price

Lord Jamar And Sadat X of Brand Nubian Speak On Brownsville rapper, Sean Price Passing At 43.

In an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, Members of legendary Hip Hop group Brand Nubiam, Lord JAmar and Sadat X spoke on the sudden passing of Brooklyn rap veteran Sean Price. They also spoke on the Brooklyn spitters music, how genuine of a spirit he is and how much he will be missed by the Hip Hop community.

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According to Lord Jamar and Sadat X, they were very close with Sean Price, who died in his sleep on Saturday. Lord Jamar says that he will miss him and his strong sense of loyalty. While Sean Price was not the lead member in the Boot Camp Clik, he still kept the name going throughout his career. Sean Price was also a member of Heltah Skeltah and Random Axe, which Lord Jamar was also apart of.

Sadat X also added that the loss of battle rap legend Pumpikhead this year should wake up the older African American community when it comes to maintaining their health. The Brand Nubian Rappers also mentioned that they haven’t had a chance to speak to the rappers widow but says they plan to very soon.

The two rappers also spoke on some of Sean Price’s funniest moments. Ever since he always spoke his mind, the rappers had fond memories they’ll never forget.

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