If you are an avid visitor of Mr. Spitta Andretti’s Instagram page, than you know that his love of cars, “ol’ school’ as he calls them, is at an all time high. The cruise control rapper can be seen frequently whipping a Ferrari or bodying a Benz, however, the number one toy on his car bucket list was the 1984 Monte Carlo SS; one he has.

Curren$y describes to HNHH the work that goes into building and remodeling a beauty like his green beast.

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With HNHH in tow, Curren$y stops by Street Customs Motors in New Orleans and admits, “I wanted one of these really bad.” Talking about the ’84 Chevrolet, he continues, that people who are heavy into the Chevy game will be quick to grab one of the ol’ school vehicles.

“A lot of us; far as in the streets; will come up with one of these first, or a Camero because you could go grab that [car] off the side of a house for like twenty-five hundred,” he reveals. “You might be able to eBay one for like three grand.”

This is a man that knows his wheels. Watch below as he schools on the ol’ schools.

Check out some wheel action in the gallery at the top.