Fetty Wap Reveals He Has Another Big Collaboration With Drake On The Way. Hop into the post for the details and video! #IFWT!

Even though the summer time is coming to an end, it is very possible that we can be ending it with another anthem to close it all out. Fetty Wap teases some major news in a new interview with Big Boy on Real92.3. During Fetty Wap’s conversation with Big Boy, Fetty Wap started to talk about his recent performance at Taylor Swifts Concert, when he mentioned that he only keeps a few people’s numbers in his phone, and that list includes Drake and Kanye West. Fetty Wap also revealed that he has another Major collaboration coming with Drake in the very near future.

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Though Fetty Wap didn’t really get into detail about his upcoming Drake collaboration, seeing that Drake and Fetty continue to set the bar for Hip Hop success on the charts, whatever they have cooking up definitely will not be swept under the rug. Expect some new Fetty Wap Melodies stuck in your head before the summer ends.

Check Out Fetty Wap’s Full Interview with Big Boy where he reveals his Drake collaboration below! #IFWT!