Another one bites the dust, oh yeah … After Young Thug and his woman Jerrika Karlae made it so clear that they would be building clothing brands, working on music together, and covering digital magazine spreads, we were pretty sure that the pair would stick together for a while. However, it seems as thought when you and your girl are wearing the same type of clothing, the relationship will not work out.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Ol’ Jerrika usually remains hushed. She hasn’t been a lime-light chick at all, but when she gets upset, that social media can be a beast. She took to Instagram to explain that Thug is incapable of being loved, therefore, it’s time for her to bounce.

So sad that you can be loyal to a person, you can give them your all, defend them, understand them, love them, etc., and they can’t five it back in return. Some people are so broken that they are unable to be loved. #SINGLE #ENJOYBITCHES

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P.S., you know that break-up is real when you snatch all Instagram photos that remind of that person you’re not suppose to be with; we’ll wait.