Can I say that after watching this, I’M EMBARRASSED. We know that 50 Cent is a rapper, comedian, GQ model and more, but we can add wrestler to that list of achievements.

While he had help for the first two-seconds, 50 Cent decided to use all of his pounds to lift up G-Unit partner Tony Yayo, carry him over to a bush and throw him into it; and all of this in front of a huge crowd. Worst yet, it was all caught on film. OUCH!

Drop down bottom to check it out.

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It’s very unclear as to why the scuffle – whether out of fun or out of anger – took place, but Yayo looked as if he was not feeling the s**t at all; would you? However, 50 was all smiles after making sure that Yayo would not get up.

Hmmm … check out the incident below.

And here it is, the whole time we thought that Snoop Dogg had the real BUSH.

Check out the gallery for more of a close-up.