Young Thug x Jerrika Karlae

Young Thug seems to forever be #UNBOTHERED by the nonstop slander he gets for literally every single thing he does. However, his ride or die wifey does not seem to be with it one bit.

His fiancee, Jerrika Karlae, took to her Instagram page to post up a video in the whip cruisin’ with her soon-to-be husband. A random IG troll wrote on her video, “I swear I think young thug is just her gay best friend.”

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

It has been a stated fact in the past that both Jerrika and Thugga Thugga sit back and laugh at any gay rumors thrown his way, but she could not seem to bite her tongue on this one.

“Nobody asked you to share your thoughts sweetie, and while you worried about my video you should go buy some makeup that matches your skins tone, GOOD DAY <3," she wrote back on the video. UH OH - clap back season seems to be in FULL effect! Check it out below.