That trickle effect is STILL going on after Meek decided to air-out Drizzy during his now infamous Twitter rant. They say, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction but according to data, it looks like that saying holds truth exponentially for Meek.


What a world. If it were not bad enough that Meek’s ‘Wanna Know’ diss track toward Drake was not well received by hip hop fans alone, the fact that major corporations took shots at Meek for the track speaks volumes. Unfortunately, not only were mainstream franchises taking shots, but major networks like ESPN even got in on it as well. Talk about a rough Summer for the Philly native.

A new report recently shows ticket sales for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print tour being pretty much steady before all the drama with Meek and Drake took place; however, once his Twitter rant caught heat, ticket sales began dropping. Drake dropped ‘Charged Up’ and according to the reports, sales were not reaching levels of previous weeks and they were consistently dropping.

This is where it gets really interesting, though. ‘Back To Back’ was released four days later and the drop in ticket sales–according to graphs–were definitely visible and when Meek finally decided to respond, the cost per ticket had gone from about $180+ to under $150. Complex points out that Sam Smith’s, who is currently on tour as well and pretty much as similar dates, ticket sales only dropped about $10 in the same time span.

It looks like Meek could not have picked a worse time to decide to rip Drake for not supporting his album and apparently not writing the lyrics to Rico. Yes, the trickle effect is definitely real. Who would have thought a couple emotional tweets could impact so many different things?

The question still remains though, after Meek has come out and says he should have never entertained the beef with Ar-Ab & Drake(LOL)–instances in which he started–will he be able to bounce back? I say yes. He just has to get that first tweet over with so that backlash can pass since he still has not said anything since the ‘twitter fingers/trigger fingers reference,’ and then ultimately drop a hit.