It feels like no matter what some reporter is talking to Lebron James about, at some point they find an excuse to mention Michael Jordan. Bron will be linked to MJ forever and there is nothing he can do about it but sometimes I wish the comparisons would stop. Earlier this week, MJ said there was “no question” he could defeat Lebron One on One in his prime. So while Lebron was doing a great thing yesterday and announcing that about 1,100 kids were going to go to college for free as long as they complete his “I Promise” plan, of course, the name Jordan still came up.

At one point the conversation transitioned to Lebron in movies and Space Jam came up and then the question came. What did Lebron say about beating the GOAT?

I take myself. For sure. I mean, I’m going to take myself versus anybody. I’ll tell you one thing: They’re going to have to have a few wheelchairs and a couple ambulance there to get us off the floor.

He wanted to say he would win but also wanted to make it clear how respectful he was about going about it and giving MJ his credit. Pretty much what you expected