Whether you agree with the ladies or not, you ought to listen to their message for blacks in America to follow Donald Trump. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson of the team “The Viewers View,” are now making a direct appeal to African-American voters on behalf of Donald Trump. These two gained You Tube popularity by making harsh criticism of Megyn Kelly’s performance during the Fox News presidential debate.

Two Women Say Donald Trump Gives Hope To Blacks In America

Check out these quotes from the dynamic duo as they tailor their new message to African Americans to pay attention to Donald Trump:

Hardaway says, “So I’m here just talking to my African-American brothers and sisters. Now listen: I see your frustration and I can feel your pain. But we can no longer take a parade the narrative ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of people when we don’t feel like our own lives matter.”

“When we take a we burn down our own neighborhoods. When we take and we kill our brothers and sisters. When we rob from them. When we do destructive things what we’re telling people is we don’t care about our own lives and sometimes that’s why people can’t care about us.”

Hardaway also says, “Look, he is working to bring jobs back to this country. As a matter of fact, you companies keeping their jobs over here so people like us so that you can become employed and not only would you be surviving, but you’ll be thriving in this country.”

“Now, my brothers in the streets, I understand your frustration. It’s time for you to get back to work, baby! It’s time for you to have some hope and you’ve got to push the candidate that’s going to do that.”

“We’ve been spoon-fed something. But today we’re going to pick up our own forks for ourselves. You see, we be your sisters. We represent you. We stand for you. We stand up for you. But we can’t that if you’re sitting down — burning down your community. Listen, that’s embarrassing!”

“Stand up, y’all! Let’s be men and women! Let’s be united again. Let’s be Americans again. I’m looking at you, y’all! And I don’t want to be looking at you with a side eye,” Hardaway says.


Two Women Say Donald Trump Gives Hope To Blacks In America

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