Authorities report three suspects have been arrested in connection with the carjacking and kidnapping a Texas law enforcement officer who happened to be on vacation.

3 Arrested For Carjacking, Kidnapping Federal Agent

A federal law enforcement officer from Texas, Armando Alaniz on vacation with his family, was in a hotel parking lot in Orange County (Florida) on Wednesday night and suddenly four people forced him into his car at gunpoint.


The victim was confined in the car and driven around for 1 to 2 hours with one suspect armed, whom eventually pistol-whipped the victim. After the victim’s wife hadn’t heard from him, she notified the police through the OnStar auto security system. An OnStar representative placed a call to the vehicle and heard the victim scream for help. When the suspects heard the OnStar operator, they abandoned the victim and fled in the car, allowing the victim to free himself.

The police document that Alaniz required four staples to the back of his head after being pistol-whipped.

There’s no indication that the victim was targeted because he’s a federal officer.

The fourth suspect is still at large.

3 Arrested For Carjacking, Kidnapping Federal Agent