First, Atlanta native B.o.B presented us with the infamous #EggplantFriday hashtag that us ladies know and love (for many reasons). Now, he brought yet another challenge to our attention that is leaving some of us females hot and bothered while scrollin’ through the ‘Gram.

B.o.B presents to us – the #MeasuringTapeChallenge.

He posted a selfie on his Instagram holding up a measuring tape locked at about 8 1/2 inches with a caption that reads, “Disable this … #MeasuringTapeChallenge.” I won’t get into vivid detail in regards to what that exactly means, but I’m sure you all can use your heads and figure it out.

After his post uploaded, mass hysteria broke out over his photo. His revealing eggplant print posts (or anything sexually-related he puts online) usually all have the same type of effect.

Ladies- check it out for yourself in the gallery!

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