Jerry Heller Said He Wish He Let Eazy-E Kill Suge Knight. Hop into the post for all the audio and details! #IFWT! #StraightOuttaCompton

If you know anything about N.W.A or just recently learned a thing or two about the Compton Hip Hop Group from watching the Straight Compton Film that dropped last week then you’ll know about this legendary music manager Jerry Heller. Mr. Jerry Heller spoke out about his regrets he has from his days of managing N.W.A.

Jerry Heller told the hosts of the Master Music Show that Suge Knight would ever come between his relationship with Dr. Dre. Jerry Heller Describes Suge Knight as a $70 a day bodyguard at Ruthless Records. He explains that before Suge Knight stepped in the situation, he and Dr. Dre were very close. Jerry Heller also added that even to this day they have a pretty good relationship with each other.

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Jerry Heller also shared a story about running into a conversation that Eazy-E was having with another associate about Killing Suge Knight. Jerry Heller revealed that he talked Eazy-E Out of his plans but years later Jerry Heller admits that he should have let Eazy-E Kill Suge Knight instead!

Listen To Jerry Heller’s full interview about how he regrets Eazy-E not killing Suge Knight below! #IFWT!