Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick is back on with Draya Michele in a big way, cause report claim the two aren’t just back together, they’re engaged all over again!


I don’t know about you guys, I love looking at Draya but I am beyond tired of writing about her constant drama with Orlando. She seems to me like she is a cool chick but the stories with her & Orlando just get tedious. Yesterday she went out of her way to let the world know she got her ring back when she posted a picture of little man playing soccer and she just “didn’t realize” her ring was in the picture.

People called her out for being corny about it so she deleted the picture but it was up long enough for everyone to see, which honestly was what she wanted.

Despite all the fighting and the called off engagement and recent pics of Orlando destroying her bedroom, everything appears all good between them and they are once again working towards marriage.

Draya, please, if you guys break up again just call me instead.

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