Taylor Swfit had another sold out show at the Staples Center last night and she received championship recognition from the Black Mamba. Taylor has headlined 16 sold out shows at the Staples Center and that is the most of any artist to ever perform at the venue. In championship fashion, Kobe presented her with her own banner that will hang in Staples Center!


The Staples Center could not have asked a better champion to present Taylor with her championship banner. After selling out 16 shows in the venue, Kobe hit Taylor with a surprise and showed her the banner that will hang in the arena. During Kobe’s speech about why the Staples Center was honoring Taylor, it made perfect sense why she should receive the recognition.

The Los Angeles Lakers have 16 championships–five under the Kobe Bryant era–and with Taylor’s 16 sold out shows, that is definitely a championship of its own. Taylor is the first recording artist to ever receive a championship banner at the Staples Center and probably any arena for that matter.

Kobe Presents Taylor…

Ironically, last night was not Taylor’s final show at the Staples Center for her 1989 World Tour. She will play the venue for four more consecutive nights. Taylor is definitely getting the big bucks out here as Staples seats over 18,000 and tickets are priced up to $160.