Graffiti artist Banksy is making headlines once again for his latest art exhibit in the UK. His abstract theme park, called Dismaland, has caught the attention of artists everywhere, including Killer Mike & El-P of Run The Jewels. Banksy got to meet with both MC’s before they performed inside the park for the first time and had a very interesting conversation. See what they had to say plus get a brief tour of Dismaland after the jump!

With the help of The Guardian, Killer Mike & El-P got to talk with the world famous Banksy about a plethora of topics. After they revealed that they have never performed at a theme park, Banksy asked them if they feel Kanye West has any competition for the “greatest rock star in the world.” While El-P was quick to say no, Killer Mike offered a more detailed response, in which he dubs Rihanna the greatest in the world.

“Kanye is amazing and may be the greatest rock star in the world,” said Killer Mike. “But Rihanna is the new Tupac (in feminist form), and as much as I love rock, ain’t nobody do it like Pac! Ri-Ri rules in my book.”

Banksy also opened up to Run The Jewels when he said he cried when he saw Killer Mike’s speech following the grand jury decision in Ferguson. He asked them if there was a YouTube video that made them cry. After Killer Mike revealed a video of Dr John Henrik Clarke speaking about Marcus Garvey made him cry, El-P admitted that a more simplistic visual made him shed tears.

“When the two guys raised the lion and then set the lion free but they missed the lion and they visited it in Africa and the lion was now king of his tribe and had a wife and children but he recognized the two guys and ran up and hugged them and licked their faces. I wept like a baby.”

Read their conversation in full here. Also catch a quick tour of Banksy’s Dismaland in the UK below.

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