Dej Loaf Almost Died From Eating A Weed Brownie On The Pink Print Tour. Well, According to her at least. Hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

So Detroit Rapper, Dej Loaf is one of the opening acts for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print Tour and according to her there was a tragic incident that went down that included an weed brownie and a rush to the ER.

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Dej Loaf went into story time mode on twitter earlier starting off with ” Fun Fact: I ate a weed brownie and almost died (well at least in my mind I did) while on the Pink Print Tour.”

Dej Loaf Goes Into Details saying “My discharge papers said ‘overdosed on Marijuana.” Dej Loaf describes this incident as a life roller coaster. claiming she had seen her whole life from birth to now in 4 minutes according to the doctors but in her head the slim 4 minutes felt like nearly an hour.

Dej Load claims that she will never partake in any edible weed snacks ever again, taking this as a lesson learned!

Check out the “Try Me” rappers full story via twitter in the gallery! #IFWT!